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Klip is the Afrikaans word for stone. It can refer to stones ranging from ordinary rocks to diamonds, including the various semi-precious stones in between.

My approach to jewellery-making can best be described by the word “naturalist”. I don’t search for stones to work with: they search and find me in a process that can only be described as spontaneous and natural.

I see myself as a jewellery-making artist rather than a craftsman, approaching every piece of jewellery in a way similar to painting: relying on intuition, curiosity, playfulness and chance discovery.

As the name indicates, my jewellery have their origin in nature: ordinary as well as semi-precious stones and the occasional pearl and diamond, bones, plants, wood and animal droppings are used. All natural objects form an equally important part of my work. I am particularly fond of uncertified diamonds, including their flaws, reflecting nature’s original design.

The stones are set in gold, silver, brass and copper. All the different materials are equally valuable, appreciated for its aesthetic contribution to a specific piece, regardless of its commercial value.

I sometimes imagine that my pieces have grown from the soil, having been buried deep inside the earth.

I collaborate with Karolina Olowsdotter, a Swedish fashion designer with strong African connections. Karolina also displays a naturalist approach in her clothes. Customers tend to get addicted to her flowing lines, organic mood and natural fibers like cotton, linen and jersey cloth, hand dyed and printed, and manufactured locally.

Klip Colab is Gauteng’s sole stockist of Olowsdotter’s clothing range.





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10:00 AM - 2:00 Pm

(Closed on Sundays)

Milnerst, Waterkloof, Pretoria

083 997 6383

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